Vørding Spirits - Founder Thomas Vørding - From Cider to Cedar wood

In early 2020 I met Thomas Vørding at the Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin and was able to try his Gin and Genever which stood out from the many products that day because of the special twist to it: Cedar wood was the key to make it special. A busy day at a festival is barely the best chance to talk details, but that is the reason we have the fabulous gin show. Meet Thomas Vørding and his Spirits.

Ep.4 / November 4th, 2020 / 01:19:09

Monkey 47 - Global Brand Ambassador Axel Klubescheidt - Greetings from the Black Forest

So many people know Monkey 47 gin. But many have no idea how much of an early player it was in the "new gin" market and how much attention to detail is part of the company DNA. In the interview Global Brand Ambassador Axel Klubescheidt talks about the early years, what monkey 47 is all about and of course we got to chat about the experimentum series as well as the new 2020 Monkey 47 distiller's cut.

Ep.3 / September 10th, 2020 / 01:03:58

Broken Bones Gin - Co-Founder Boštjan Marušič - Smooth gin from Slovenia's capital Ljubljana

In this episode meet Boštjan Marušič. He is the a Co-Founder and CEO of the Broken Bones Distillery in Slovenia. We talk about the history of the company, gin making, and other endeavours.

Ep.2 / August 12th, 2020 / 55:59

Electric Spirit Co. - Founder James Porteous - From Edinburgh/Leith in Scotland

Kicking off the fabulous gin show with a fine chat with James Porteous from Scotland. He is the founder of the Electric Spirits Co. and tells us about how he came to be a distiller, why cats photos are not always the best thing to show around in a distillery and where fennel comes into play.

Ep.1 / August 5th, 2020 / 01:04:01

Trailer - Welcome to the fabulous Gin.Show - Fresh as green juniper

Just a quick trailer to kick the show off. Hope you like the idea and what's to come!

Ep.0 / August 1st, 2020 / 01:38
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The Fabulous Gin.Show - Der Podcast von GinGinGin.de