Welcome to the fabulous Gin.Show, hosted by Jan and other co-hosts. This podcast is a manifestation of our love for gin and the science, history, stories, and craft behind gin in general and the ones we look at in particular. Join us when we interview distillers, bartenders, and people from the gin industry to learn and get entertained.

The gin hype is real! The gin bubble will burst! What is the next thing beyond gin? A lot of statements and many opinions. But beside these there is a lot more to be discussed when it comes to gin and the many things related to its production, marketing, the use in drinks, and even the pure knowledge about it. And that is where this podcast wants to pick up the thread:

My name is Jan Persiel. I run a gin blog over on gingingin.de and post almost daily on instagram as @ginginginde. The podcast lives over on Instagram as well as @thefabulousginshow. Check in for conversations over there or send an email.

The birth of this gin podcast

Belinda @thepatronsaintofgin from the Australian Gold Coast and I had many discussions about gin and she motivated me to start the podcast. And I hope to have our conversations about gin in public and leverage our connections to producers, distillers, and other gin lovers to make this an entertaining podcast about gin. In short: I hope to have her on the show as a co-host at some point in time.


We belive in quality

In this podcast we would love to bring you insights into products of and people creating the highest quality. We will never promote poor quality or invite people onto the show with moral standards we do not stand behind.

Passion beats promotion

If there is one thing I have learned since I started my gin journeys back in 2015/16 it is the fact that there is a lot of rubbish out there. Stories trying to puff up a mediocre or bad gin. We want to talk with those who have passion on their mind, not a quick buck.

Independence is Queen or King

I run this podcast on my own budget. It is my hard earned cash I put into hosting and equipment, my spare time to schedule, record, edit, and publish this podcast. And that gives me the freedom to decide what I think is worth talking about and whom to talk to.

Here for a good time, not a long time

Why am I doing this podcast? Because I enjoy the discussions about gin, meeting amazing people, helping each other out and learning something about our favourite spirit. I highly appreciate constructive feedback, it is a gift and helps me to grow. I cannot tolerate trolls or haters. Go hate somewhere else or leave it all together.

Get listening to the fabulous Gin.Show

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[S00E00] About this podcastwho, why, what?

This is what you think it is: Announcing a podcast about gin and distillation! Since 2015 I have been navigating the gin oceans. This podcast is meant to showcase distilleries and to promote quality gins. Stay tuned for more and Cheers!