S1 E4

Vørding Spirits - Founder Thomas Vørding

From Cider to Cedar wood

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In early 2020 I met Thomas Vørding at the Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin and was able to try his Gin and Genever which stood out from the many products that day because of the special twist to it: Cedar wood was the key to make it special. A busy day at a festival is barely the best chance to talk details, but that is the reason we have the fabulous gin show. Meet Thomas Vørding and his Spirits.

In this episode we talk about how Thomas got into making his own gin and Genever, which role th elove for cider played and why certain things are different about his product. Which role did his photography profession play in the design process and what he is up to next.

During the chat he gives lots of insights into the production methods and how he thinks about the creation of a quality product.

A longer but fun interview which to me was extremely insightful and shows that you can create something with passion without having a background in this area. Reading, studying and experiments can get you there as well.

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Recorded: November 4th, 2020 in English