It is essential for a great listening experience to get the possible recording quality. In order for that to be possible it needs a few things from you. I will be happy to help wherever you need help.

  1. Find a place with little or no noise to record your part. Try avoiding places with lots of reverb. So rather a bedroom with curtains than a bathroom covered with tiles everywhere.
  2. Ensure you have a good internet connection. Streaming videos, uploading files, and other activities can compromise the connection.
  3. Download the software to connect and record the audio. You can find it on the Studiolink website for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Please choose your respective version.
  4. Connect a closed headset to avoid echos and reverb. A headset like the one that came with your mobile phone is a great solution.
  5. Test the StudioLink software to make sure it works properly. Please allow a few minutes for this and do it way ahead of the interview as we cannot waste time once the time has come. The software opens in your default browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). Click on MORE … and call the echo channel to see whether you can hear and record with your setup. See the screenshot below for details.
  6. Send your ID (something) via email to or as a DM to @thefabulousginshow on Instagram.

Studio Link Screenshot

  1. Click on More… (top left) and 2. call the echo channel to check your setup … 3. copy your ID (top right) and send it via email to or DM @thefabulousginshow on Instagram.

Great. Now you are set to go. Once the interview time has come we can get started right away.

A few words about the software

The Studiolink software might be a bit more complicated than just a skype connection. So why make it complicated?

The reason is simple: The internet is a wild jungle and connections can be wonky. The Studiolink software uses the same technology radio stations use. The great thing is that it is very suitable for audio and it records a high quality version of your audio on your machine. In case we experience connection problems the software keeps a backup to be used in case your voice only comes across in chunks or distorted. It's all about the quality!

Another reason is that this type of recording software makes it a lot more efficient for me to edit the audio afterwards. That way the episodes get published faster and more episodes can be produced with the same amount of work.


In case you would like me to create some photos, post and review about your product please get in touch before the episode. It might be smart to promote the episode along with a review and other exposure on and Instagram.

Feel free to send me information about you, the products, the distillery, the bar, … by email before we get started so I can do some reading and dive deep into the interesting topics.

Besides that there is not much to worry or think about: We will basically do an interview, a chat amongst gin lovers, which might take us to all different kinds of things worth mentioning when it comes to your product, brand, ideas, … I cannot wait to chat!

For the podcast cover art and the show notes I could use a portrait photo(s) as well. 2000×2000 pixels in size would be great.

After the episode got edited

You will get a version of the edited episode to listen to before it gets published. We are "recording live to tape" and there is no severe editing planned. However feel free to listen before things go live. If I do not hear from you within 48 hours the episode gets automatic publishing clearance and will be available to the public soon after that.

After the episode gets published

Spread the word!

Feel free to let the world know that we had a little chat. Link the episode page in your social media posts and newsletters. Feel free to tag @thefabulousginshow on Instagram as well. The podcast episodes will be available on iTunes and Spotify and other podcast platforms of your choice as well. Feel free to link those as well when you spread the word.

A review helps a ton

In case you feel like giving back a bit more it would be great if you could leave a review about the podcast on the iTunes Msuic Store / the podcast App as well. This boosts the podcast and your episode gets more reach as well.

And that is it. In case you have any questions feel free to get in touch. I would love to make you as comfortable as possible and bring a great episode with lots of interesting stuff to the audience.

Talk to you very soon!